Individuals, businesses, and other non-attorneys can benefit greatly by retaining someone who focuses on legal research and writing rather than paying a higher fee for full-service representation. Please note that I offer legal services to non-attorneys in Florida and Montana only, unless they have the assistance of local counsel. Montana and Florida are the two jurisdictions where I am licensed to practice, so while I can assist attorneys anywhere, I cannot perform substantive legal work for non-attorneys outside Montana and Florida unless they also have the assistance of an attorney licensed in their jurisdiction.

Assisting Litigants Who Represent Themselves (Pro Se)

Individuals often choose to represent themselves in court rather than pay the significant sums needed to retain an attorney. While this certainly saves money, it creates a great deal of risk. Fortunately, there is a middle path where I can work behind the scenes to help you draft your filings and give you advice, thereby increasing your chances of success at a much lower cost.

Reviewing And Preparing Contracts

Businesses often need help deciphering the legalese in their contracts, whether with their employees, independent contractors, or customers. I can review the contracts and discuss important features such as arbitration clauses, forum-selection clauses, insurance requirements, indemnity provisions, and similar language so that you have a full understanding of what’s happening and can make an informed decision. Not only do I review contracts, but I also can prepare them if necessary.

Preparing Wills, Powers Of Attorney, Business Entities, And More

There is a wide variety of legal documents other than contracts that you might need at some point in your life, and I most likely can prepare such documents for you. Get in touch with me for a free consultation, and I’ll let you know if we can help. 

Rapid Answers To Everyday Legal Questions

Non-attorneys confront legal questions in almost all walks of personal and business life. Can you sublease your apartment? Can you evict a residential or commercial tenant? Can you say or publish something without fear of committing slander or libel? Can you terminate an employee? When you have a sudden legal question of this nature, I can give an answer that is rapid, accurate, and economical.

Thorough Answers To Complex Legal Questions

There are other times when difficult legal questions emerge and demand thorough analysis to avoid making a costly mistake. A standard method of answering such questions is for attorneys to prepare an “opinion letter,” and I have drafted such letters numerous times over the course of my career. I can do the same for you, and for far less.

Pre-Litigation Correspondence And Settlement

Many disputes never become lawsuits, and one of the keys to ensuring that they don’t is to exchange correspondence in an effort to settle. This type of correspondence requires a high level of familiarity with the applicable law in order to explain the relative strengths and weaknesses of the parties’ arguments, encouraging the parties to negotiate and arrive at a mutually-agreeable resolution.

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