My goal is to make your life as an attorney more productive and enjoyable. I can do this in a variety of ways such as case consulting, trial preparation, and even court appearances. However, the primary way I can help is by performing your legal research and writing at my discounted rate, which yields tremendous benefits as described below. Please note that it is perfectly ethical to derive these benefits according to the American Bar Association, regardless of where your practice is located, though you should also check your state’s ethics rules.

Avoid Time Pressure

Time pressures in your law practice make it difficult to conduct necessary research and produce legal writing that is both thorough and persuasive. Many times you have conflicting court schedules, and just organizing your calendar is a struggle. Outsourcing this critical part of your practice to experienced an attorney whose sole duty is to research and write for you is the answer. Just contact me about your need, let me produce the work product, and I will send it back so that you can review and submit it.

Earn More Money

Outsourcing legal research and writing is cost-effective. Hiring an employee and purchasing legal-research programs can create a lot of pressure, responsibilities, and added expense. Using my service is easy, especially once you develop a working relationship with me. I simply do the work for you, deliver the work product, and bill for my time, which in the end is much more efficient. What is more, you can capitalize on my low rates. The American Bar Association has determined that an attorney may make a profit by outsourcing work to another attorney. Of course, you may choose not to bill your clients in this manner, but nevertheless your practice can benefit greatly.

Increase Your Efficiency

Those who specialize in one aspect of a job can produce more rapidly and efficiently. This is what I do by specializing in legal research and writing. Having analyzed countless legal issues and litigated numerous cases for both plaintiffs and defendants, I funnel all of that experience into producing work product for you.

Enhance Your Practice And Your Life

I am a craftsman who takes pride in my work. By allowing me to focus on performing your legal research and writing, you will improve your relationships with clients and the courts; you will be able to devote more attention to depositions, client consultations, and negotiations; and most important of all, you will be happier because you will have more free time to do the things you want, whether in your practice or your personal life.

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