I am committed to providing continuing legal education (CLE), and I enjoy the opportunity to give lectures and meet practitioners face-to-face. However, it often happens that people who would like to attend one of my classes cannot, so on this page I offer you the opportunity to purchase my accredited courses as self-study materials or webinars. Upon making a purchase, be sure to communicate the full name and applicable state Bar number of the persons ordering so that everyone can obtain credit.

I hope to expand my offerings in the future, not only in terms of course content but also the jurisdictions where credit is available. Thanks, and enjoy!

Course 1: Ethics Of Legal Outsourcing

Description: Discusses the nature and growing popularity of legal outsourcing, proceeding with an analysis of how to outsource in an ethical manner according to the American Bar Association, court opinions, and prominent state and local bar ethics opinions.

Materials: PowerPoint webinar (YouTube link available upon purchase); ABA Formal Opinion 08-451 (publicly available here); ABA Resolution 105C (publicly available here).

Credits: 1 (ethics)

Price: $60.00 per person

Purchase Instructions: Send check to Wilton Strickland or pay online below. Be sure to specify names and bar numbers of all persons ordering. If paying online, you should automatically be directed to the webinar upon completing your purchase. Please specify your email address when purchasing.

Accredited For The Following Jurisdictions:






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