When To Obtain Client Consent For Legal Outsourcing

by Wilton H. Strickland Legal outsourcing offers many benefits to attorneys, such as saving money on associates, avoiding the specter of employment liability, gaining flexibility in the type and amount …
Wilton Strickland

Affirmation, Not Denial: Remembering The Real Goal Of Affirmative Defenses

by Wilton H. Strickland It goes without saying that litigation is contentious. Defendants in particular have a strong motivation to fight, for they are confronted with a public claim that …

Wilton Strickland

More Tips To Enhance Your Writing

by Wilton H. Strickland As part of my mission to help attorneys produce excellent work on behalf of their clients, I thought it would be appropriate to build upon my first …

Wilton Strickland

The Widespread Confusion Surrounding Third-Party Complaints

by Wilton H. Strickland It is often possible to dismiss a complaint for defects that are readily apparent. I’ve discussed several of these defects before, but there is one type …

Wilton Strickland

Upcoming Lecture On Tips For Effective Legal Research

by Wilton H. Strickland It’s my pleasure to announce that the Clear Law Institute has invited me to give a webinar lecture on November 9, 2015, titled Legal Research: Advanced …

Wilton Strickland

Ethics Webinar Now Accredited In Three States

by Wilton H. Strickland I’m pleased to announce that my webinar Ethics Of Legal Outsourcing is now accredited in three states. Attorneys licensed in Idaho, Florida, and Montana can obtain …

Wilton Strickland

Grammar Tips To Enhance Your Writing

by Wilton H. Strickland Grammar may be a dying art, but attorneys (as well as other professionals) should consider dusting it off because a strong command of grammar creates an …

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