by Wilton H. Strickland

Attorneys are creatures of habit, often preferring the old and familiar to the new and perplexing. For instance, many attorneys still print out their emails and insist on using the anachronistic WordPerfect. While there’s nothing particularly wrong with this, it can become a problem if attorneys neglect to learn how the world is changing and therefore lose the ability to thrive in it.

With these sorts of considerations in mind, the Florida Bar has a made a wise decision to change the three-year CLE requirement to add three hours of technology training. Technology has enabled me to work remotely and assist other attorneys all over the country, giving me a more rewarding and relaxing professional life. It can work similar wonders for you.

Even if you’re not a Florida attorney, it’s a good idea to check out any technology CLEs and learn how to enhance your practice and your life.

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